There are many people, who have the habit of starting their day with some hot coffee. Coffee can be prepared especially in 2 ways- drip brew and espresso. The former one is made ready by mixing water with coffee, kept in filter. On the other hand, espresso denotes Italian coffee drink that is arranged by passing sizzling water through coffee beans.

In fact, espresso has very strong flavor, and is usually served in reasonable quantity with no milk and sweetener. However, preparing espresso involves a very complicated and delicate process, and that is why it is possibly better to buy espresso machines. Having an espresso maker at home may save much amount of time as there is no need to go a coffee shop. Besides, it may take almost 20 seconds, when you are preparing espresso of almost 1.5 ounces. This time may be altered with the increase of grinding standard, i.e., coarser or finer coffee.

Espresso makers, available in the market, may be of various types-

Semi Automatic-

With this system, you only have to initiate the mechanism by activating the appliance and pressing one button. While the espresso gets prepared, you may switch off this machine. However, here, it is essential to make sure that reservoir of water is full and there are enough beans in grinder.

Super Automatic-

This appliance may produce wonderful espresso coffee and you do not need to take part in this process. Such kind of machine has completely integrated system for water supply and a grinder to grind coffee beans. What you have to do only is to press its button. Some of the models may regulate the flow of water and temperature.

Manual Espresso Machine-

From its name, you can perhaps guess that here you need to perform all the processes (pouring water, adding coffee grinds and adjusting frother).

While you think of semi-automatic machines, you may find three sub-categories-

Single Boiler- With Double Utilization Machine-

This kind of machine may be the most inexpensive option and includes a single boiler along with more than two thermostats, kept inside. A particular thermostat regulates the temperature of water to steam the milk whereas the other one may manage water for preparation of beverage. Generally, a flip needs to be toggled between the systems to adjust from steaming of milk to brewing of your coffee.

Heat Exchange System In Single Boiler-

This machine includes a large boiler that warms up water to the level of temperature, which is perfect to heat the milk, whereas heat exchange system twists in the boiler in order to turn out the temperatures for brewing coffee. It helps in steaming as well as extraction of espresso simultaneously.

Dual Boiler Appliances-

They are costliest among all the three choices because of the presence of 2 boilers. Their twofold design helps in an autonomous heating for production of steam and extraction of espresso, enabling customization and steady results.

So, you may buy espresso machine of either traditional style or any advanced category and change your art of brewing coffee.

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